Dreaming of a land not ours

Where the days are short

…and the nights are long

…photos from my winter in Sweden

…right before the snow fell

…covering everything without a trace.

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Home Swede Home

It goes by the name of Snickarbacken 7 and to merely call it a cafe in as understatement. Rather, it is a breeding space for coffee, food, sweets, art, photography, music, records, books, magazines, clothing, furniture, ceramics, soaps, towels, stationary, toys and more. I was introduced to this gastronomical heaven on the weekend and it was such an amazing experience that it is only Tuesday and I found myself heading straight back to it.

Set in the heart of Stockholm in an 1800’s building that used to house stables, the place is interesting enough without even tasting the coffee and food or perusing the store.

“The motto has always been to serve excellent coffee…”

“Food and sweets are made with love…”

“The store offers a careful and personal selection of new and vintage…”

– Snickerbacken 7

This is the sort of place you could go to write a novel, have a date, meet with a colleague, make your local, go solo or meet with friends – HOME SWEDE HOME for all.