Time in a new light

I came across these striking sculptures today by Andy Hall, called Shapes of Time –

Andy Hall

Andy Hall 2

And the character, Peter, was thus born –

“That’s my friend Peter – he’s pretty out there. He spends his days inventing a new “time piece”, he calls it; a new way of conceptualising time. He’s welded together an obscure metal shape with cubic angles and star shaped holes cut out on the sides. He says that if you place it outside, unobstructed from shade or shadows, you can sense the time of the day by the way the light pokes through the holes and scatters onto the ground around it. Some say it’s missing functionality, such as if it’s a cloudy day, but he’s insists upon its accuracy. He says the hard thing will be getting people to understand time in a new light – it won’t be recorded in seconds, minutes, hours and days, but rather in units he refers to as “essences”; though which he refuses to conclusively  name, the rationale being that when you name something, it confines your imagination to that. When the light is shining through in such a way, that’s when we know we need to be at work, just as it shines in another way, we know it’s around dinner time. Like I say, Pete’s an interesting guy, and you’ve got to admire his unique style of thinking, his attempt at breaking the convention of one of the most accepted things, which is of course, the passage of time. He is both hopeful and hopeless in the most enigmatic way.”