A bastion of colour and light

One of my favourite contemporary artists, Daniel Heidkamp, depicts moments when the ordinary world appears entirely otherworldly –

“The subjects I choose are at once stable and constantly in flux.  Attempting to capture the scene with sunlight changing, wind blowing, insects biting, is a type of performance which often fails, but when successful can lead to paintings with uncanny energy…Making art, the artistic stance, is the most interesting way I can imagine of being in the world.”

– Daniel Heidkamp

tumblr_mtul96ifzA1re12ono1_500tumblr_md40ivpITc1qaz0wuo1_500tumblr_mf15koWeX01qarjnpo1_500danielheidkamp_load2ba1ef1a9a12f82b8071d314f6045b9a9e8f5194e9fae54e158a89720f7611HEIDKAMP forrest crush 24x18in oil on linen 2013Heidkamp_-mojica_-2011_-oil-on-canvas-18-x-15-in.-45.72-x-38Heidkamp_-key-pool-no-1_-2012_-oil-on-linen_-24-x-18-in.-60.96-x-45

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