At Night We Talk: Ben

Ben, my brother and music fanatic, reflecting on the influence of his favourite band –

“…In Australia one summer we walked from our hotel to Blink 182 at the show grounds. All 7 boys from our Dunedin flat. We were getting closer and closer and asking around for directions but everyone was vague. We got there at 7.45pm and were at the back of 20,000 people so we gapped it to the portaloos down the side and got an amazing spot at front left. Just as we got there, the curtain dropped and Blink were standing there playing Feeling This, their classic. We had always said we would go to Australia if they ever did so it was surreal being there right in front of them. After seeing them my whole life – in music mags, tv, music vids and interviews – I couldn’t believe I was right in front of them. They’ve always been my favourite band – Tom introduced them to me when I was 11 – he bought a cd and it had 3 of them on the cover…from that day on I’ve played their music religiously. They’ve been a massive part of the past decade of my life. I listen to them anytime – before rugby games to psych myself up, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I go to bed – any time I’ll just thrash a Blink track. Best voices. Best drummer in the world. The soundtrack to my life…”

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