Frances Ha

This little indie art film was directed by Noah Baumbach and written by Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, who also plays the lead actress. Frances is a 27 year old struggling dancer living in New York. When her best friend can’t turn down an opportunity to move to an apartment in her dream street in Flatiron, Frances becomes forlorn and lost. The story follows her as she carves her way in this city of hope. Shot in black & white to draw attention to the character’s personalities, the film does just that; it is the perfect rainy Saturday afternoon watch.

Book Club: Paul Arden

For the creative, the timid, the one on the verge of an idea, the afraid, the bold, the passionate, the wayward, the pioneer, the mogul, the misunderstood, the employee, the fierce, the brave, the one with a bite, the sassy, the powerful, the powerless, the loud, the lusty, the one with stars in their eyes, the entertainer, the entertained, the I-told-you-so, the cool one. Read Paul Arden’s two books –

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be; and

Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite. 

ImageImage 1They’ll take a cup of green tea’s time and enhance your philosophies on your career and life.

Blood Brother

Rocky Braat knew his life in America lacked a sense of meaning and purpose. What he didn’t know is where he would end up finding fulfilment; at an HIV orphanage in India. This documentary is told through the eyes of Rocky’s best friend, Steve Hoover, who sets out with his handheld camera to visit Rocky in India. Steve cannot believe the courageous and admirable life Rocky has created for himself with his days spent playing, nursing, feeding and living with the children in the orphanage. While Steve grapples with the idea of it all, Rocky immerses himself deeper into the lives of the sick children and the Indian culture.

This story reduced the Film Festival audience to tears and received a standing ovation – a testament to its immense effect.

If you only ever see one film, make it this.