Praise for Ralph Hotere

Ralph Hotere, one of New Zealand’s most notable artists, passed away on Monday. Hotere explored some of New Zealand’s most controversial historical events in his works, such as the infamous Springbok Tour and the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, which perhaps explains his common appellation as the “warrior artist.” The grandeurs of Hotere’s paintings shall continue to be admired not only in New Zealand but in art circles all around the world.

On a more personal level, Hotere’s raw depiction of his subjects, his minimalistic use of colour, and the addition of poetry to many of his works, makes him one of my favourite and beloved artists of all time.

Below are some of photographs of Hotere and his paintings. I always find photos of artists equally as captivating as their actual artwork – seeing the world from a distinctly artistic perspective allows artists to hold themselves in such a way, that any photo with them as the subject should be deemed a work of art too.

Praise for Ralph Hotere.

galls1905 ralph-hotere-1200 a5163 Hotere-Ralph-Vence-62 hotere2 6201800_600x400 Ba23Spo039a FD570-2 c1998_1_17 hotere3a

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