Social Media: A love/hate relationship

No doubt you have heard yourself saying something along the lines of…

  • “I Instagrammed that picture”
  • “I Googled it”
  • “I Facebooked him”
  • “I tweeted about them”

What started out merely as brandnames – Instagram, Google, Facebook and Twitter – have transformed into words in their own right. This brand-to-word culmination is the epitome of absolute success for the responsible company.

The likes of Instagram, Google, Facebook and Twitter, have provided avenues to instantaneously share our experiences with the digital world.

We are now increasingly under the impression that a happy moment must manifest itself in pictorial form and be instantly uploaded to Instagram; a quirky one-liner that is conjured up must be immediately tweeted about; attendance at a notable location must be promptly “checked in;” and information worthy of sharing must be swiftly corroborated in the form of a “status.”

As per Monet’s quote that preceded the digital era, we are increasingly obsessed by the need to render what we experience.

The insidious effects of social media have blurred the lines between genuine, bona-fide happiness on the one hand, and happiness that is supposedly only real if shared to the digital world on the other hand. In a world saturated by media sounds and images, there is no turning back to a distinctly analogue world. On a more positive note, the ubiquity of social media has allowed for new levels of unprecedented human engagement around the globe.

Whether we like it or not, social media is the way of the future. I therefore chose to get on board.

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