The Great Men Series – 6

Meet Terry Walker.

For years now, I have  often seen Terry strolling into Hawthorne, chatting to the staff, smiling at the patrons, ordering his coffee and sitting down to read. Terry is one of those rare people with eyes that smile. With that in mind, I have always been intrigued as to where he came from and what he has done with his life. This morning as he walked out of Hawthorne, everyones’ favourite local cafe in my home town, Havelock North, I decided to quell my curiosity and ask him everything I wanted to know. Just as I had imagined, Terry was the calm, lovely man with a story of his own that I had been yearning to listen to for all of these years.

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“I grew up in Wellington and lived overseas in London for a number of years, working for a pharmaceutical company and the a medical equipment company. Then I came back to New Zealand. I lived in Auckland for a few years when I came back, but now I live in Hawkes Bay. Hawkes Bay is very, very quiet compared with Auckland – if you don’t have to live in Auckland, then Hawkes Bay is a better place to be. I have two daughters, Nikki and Kylie. I came back from London with medical equipment but have since retired of course. I go to Hawthorne for the coffee and the nice people that run it; they always have the nicest people serving. 

London is a fascinating place, I did a whole mixture of things there. I did love the pubs of course, but sadly they are changing quite radically in style these days, they’re not “pubby” anymore. I’ve returned to London to visit my daughters and grandchildren who live there. 

Good luck with your day and good luck with your life. Just get on with it. Take it as it comes and just get on with it.” 

– Terry Walker