Happy Valentine’s Day to Your-fabulous-self

Valentine’s Day has always blurred the line between the hopeful romantics and the angry lovelorn. It is second in line to the most-celebrated-event throne after new years. This doesn’t mean, however, that most of the world will be eating strawberries, smelling red roses and sipping champagne on February 14 while you sit at home with your microwave meal and Bridget Jones.

First things first, let’s dispel the myth of “spending Valentine’s alone.” If you have yourself, you can never share it alone. So check you’re currently breathing and if so, let’s put some Valentine’s plans into place:

Buy your-fabulous-self some beautiful nightwear. After all, you have to sleep with yourself every night.


Treat yourself to a pedicure – a well-kempt foot means so much more than she-has-too-much-time-up-her-sleeve. Feet are the very tool that literally keep us firmly grounded and moving forward, all at the same time. If you keep them delicious, you too appear to be firmly grounded and moving forward (metaphorically speaking). And yes, men should absolutely groom their feet, albeit with no polish.

Vintage Minnie Mouse by OPI

Purchase a fabulous lamp. They brighten up your room and therefore mood, and are the light of your nighttime life, particularly if spending Valentine’s with Your-fabulous-self (note: not, alone).


Otherwise buy yourself a gorgeous arm chair, something you can cosy onto with your cup of tea and book. Everyone should have a comfortable and soothing structure to sit on, regardless of whether this structure takes the form of a human or sofa.

Paris Chair- Host Interiors

Alternatively treat yourself to an apartment.




Or an overseas-bound plane ticket. Bring some people back in order to boost the general gene pool in New Zealand.


Throw a dinner party with your favourite single friends – wear a fabulous dress, try out a new recipe, light some candles, turn up the music and get a glass of red in your hand.

No matter who you spend Valentine’s Day with, make sure it is packed with love. And most importantly, make sure Your-fabulous-self comes first every February 14. 

tumblr_makfz0K4Gc1qeprd7o1_500[Disclaimer: I am not a bra-burning feminist, but rather a romantic optimist].