The Great Men Series – 5

Papa John, a local Waimarama man, took us horse riding yesterday on Old Lassy and Missy. In addition, he taught us about the 38 values of the surrounding Maori land, as well as the history of Pukeruru (“wise owl”) mountain where his wife was born, Waitangi Road (“crying water” road), as well as the land wars and Captain Cook’s discovery of this area. Papa John lives in a little tin shed with no power or material goods. When we gave him chocolates and red wine for thanking him, he told us he would give them to his niece and friend as gifts.

P1030443 P1030470 P1030496 P1030505 P1030519 P1030521 P1030523 P1030524 P1030525 P1030546 P1030558 P1030559 P1030594 P1030600 P1030610 P1030643 P1030651 P1030662

“Always be positive, never be negative. You learn from your lessons from yesterday and if don’t there is something wrong. The most precious moment is now, sharing time with our horses. Tomorrow there is always hope so be positive, never be negative, and help others who need help. Never worry about material things – human love is more important.”

Papa John

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