I spy with my little eye…more celebrity doppelgängers!

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Celebrity Doppelgängers Take Two!

Even if i didn’t want to walk around staring at strangers to find their celebrity-silhouette, I wouldn’t be able to stop it – the talent comes too naturally, it is deeply etched into my brain. 2013 brings with it even more doppelgänger-duos between my stellar friends and star celebs.

With her gargantuan eyes, dimples that could swallow you and fiery red hair, Steph never fails to make men…Buckle at the knees.


I found Steph Buckle’s apparition washed up on the shore of Hollywood Boulevard. Apparently she goes by the name of Angelina Jolie and spends her free time collecting every flavour of child from around the world.

angelina_jolie_729-420x0Miss Harriet Weatherburn has graced the Streets of Auckland, Dunedin, and more recently, Copenhagen with her strawb blonde hair, olive eyes and big, white teeth amid her exuberant smile. More recently, there have been reports that Harriet has been strutting her stuff in L.A…

557556_10150743927220240_182791965_nBut alas, this is no other than her doppelganger, Jessica Chastain. And before you ask, this is not some sick joke that all gingers look the same – Harriet and Jessica truly do share the same features, with or without their peach-kissed locks.


Robert Watson has been working on the super yachts and sporting fashion-forward spectacles for quite some time now –



Rumour has it, some die-hard fan has been mimicking his style, assuming the same round-rimmed glasses and even undertaking acting roles in Pirates of the Caribbean just to follow Robert’s ways. Supposedly he goes by the name of Johnny Depp.

Johnny-Depp-9542522-1-402johnny-depp-picture-1-thumbUntil next time (when NZ speeds up their internet), Ciao x


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