The Great Men Series – 4

Meet Terje Buljo, owner and operator of a local Norwegian king crab cafe. I found myself sitting in Terje’s cafe three days ago whilst venturing across the Finnish border to visit Norway for the day. We stopped at Terje’s authentic crab cafe for lunch and after a delicious bowl of salmon soup, the crew started to wrap themselves up in their winter jackets and woollen scarves to explore the tiny coastal town in the negative ten temperature. I sat there until the last person had left to brave the outside world and decided I had better start packing up..Who knows whether Terje took pity on me and my comparatively high thermostat, or whether he was genuinely interested in a chat. Either way, we got talking and I was saved.


“Well, I’m retired from military forces – I have been for six years. I had so much energy left though as it was a young retirement, so I went into this business of crab farming. I’m from here originally. My mother’s house is still here and I, like many people, use it as a summer house. That’s why I’m here. I also rent a small hotel one hour’s drive away, but I’m regretting it a little bit because it takes so much time. This is the crab  cafe. Since we have a king crab production facility, this cafe has it as a signature dish – it’s fantastic in summer and we sell a lot of it. I’m really living in Oslo, and just flying up and down all of the time. In a way I have a philosophy that since I’m retired I should do most of the rest of my life now…so live while you live! I’m pretty convinced that that this life only comes once…Since I’ve been working in various positions for forty years I have expertise that small towns like this can use. That’s why I share them with the community here which is fun…It’s just fun.”

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