The Great Men Series – 2

Meet Peter Malabarb – He owned a bar on Calle dei Botteri, Venice. It happened to be the same road as our hostel so we bumped into him on our way home each night. I don’t know if he will make the book but he was very entertaining nonetheless.

“Oh New Zealand girl, New Zealand girl. We make the best Mojitos in town, you must come by so I can make you one. And you can tell ME a story…Everybody has a story.”

– Peter Malabarb

The Great Men Series – 1

I love spotting an old man who is sitting back and watching people rush by as they tend to their busy lives. They always look so pensive, lost in thought. The Great Men Series is my coffee table book in the making, with photos of great men and a story about their lives.

Today I found the cover for The Great Men Series. His name was John Charles.

“Ahh my life. I am a lawyer, and I was born in Venice. I had a terrible accident twenty years ago and now I live in a wheelchair, but it’s ok. But the town of Venice isn’t easy for that, for the bridges and also because the theatres and busses have steps to go inside so they don’t put ramps in because it is impossible to change the old, ancient buildings and this is a problem for me. Italy is third world because there are no laws for people who live in wheelchairs. I’ve been to all of Europe, I’ve travelled for a long time in England and Germany but England is terrible to live in because of this problem. I have a car and a cottage in the countryside. I have a son in Milano, he says if I buy him a hotel or restaurant he will move back here. When I was twenty years old the residence was three times bigger, now there are very few people here because it is only touristic…But life is good.”

– John Charles

Sign Language

I’ve spent my whole life looking at signs, taking note of the ones I like, reading them over and over, reading them backwards, changing the colours in my head and deciding which ones could have been better. I never thought anything of this habit until the other day, when I told someone that my favourite part of Oktoberfest was looking at the signage in Munich and they laughed. The moral of the story is that it made me realise I am drawn to signs and after a brief flick through my photos I found many examples of my previously subconscious pastime.

Throw the dress

throw the dress


“Alexander McQueen once told me before I went out on the runway and I was wearing a dress that was very long and difficult to walk in, and I was concerned the dress was going to get caught on my shoe, “Don’t worry, Karlie; if it does, just take it off and throw it, throw the dress. Remember – YOU own the dress, the dress does not own you!” It was a moment I will never forget.” 

– Karlie Kloss, on the best advice she has been given