Soundwave Festival: you do the maths

It’s a simple equation:

A group of friends + a flight to Croatia + a rental house in Tisno  + a ticket to Soundwave – a pocketful of Kunas ÷ 5 days = some of the happiest 5 days of your life. 

Because Soundwave is a small boutique festival you can always find your friends, you quickly get to know the entire crowd, you never queue for food and drinks and you can readily chat to all the acts who are casually strolling around each day.

As if that isn’t enticing enough then Barbarella’s, an after party who has taken on a whole personality of its own, awaits you at the end of each night. Here the music plays on until the sun rises and then busses simply take you back to the beautiful little town of Tisno.

So if you find yourself headed for a European summer, be sure to dedicate 5 days to Soundwave festival.

We hired a boat and headed to some untouched bays for the afternoon

We bought tickets to the “Doktor’s Orders” boat party – a 4 hour cruise through the Adriatic Sea with a dance floor and bar

The love boat

A view of Soundwave from the dock

Ghost Poet happily posing for a photo with Alice and Rory

We love Barbarella!

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