Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii

21 June 2012, and I’ve left New Zealand for six months. First stop, Hawaii.

Hawaii is all about hopping from a beach to a bar to a boutique to bed, only to rise and do the same all over again. These two men certainly found it exhausting

I urge you to look away now if skyscrapers built on the edge of lush blue oceans enrages the environmentalist inside of you

See what I mean? This is the view from an early morning walk up Diamond Head, O’ahu

Followed by an early morning burger at the end if you so desire

There were some delicious times to be had lounging on the beach….

The boys entertained themselves with a ball game whenever they got restless. I was never invited and thus assumed the role of photographer

I came across some interesting sights whilst wandering down the shore, including this extraordinarily wide banana

And this most impressive, inadvertent plank

I also observed Sam give Mum and Inga a quick surf lesson to see whether it would be a complete waste of money for them to hire a board

Given their absence in these next photos, we can assume they decided it would be

On the other hand, Dad decided to give it a go. Unfortunately for him no one witnessed his “20 second ride” on a wave

Revitalized after a few days of relaxation, we decided to drive around the island. Our first port of call was Haunama Bay, home to Hawaii’s best snorkeling

We then continued in search of Giovanni’s famous shrimp truck in Kahuku town

There were various other stalls too. It was comforting to know that no matter where in the world you are, you can always find some NZ sausage

Tom bought a little good luck warrior from a local carver who insisted every other carving on the island was made in China

We then reached Banzai Pipeline – the world’s most famous and deadliest wave. To me it looked like your average wave, but in the winter months it grows to around ten metres tall and surfers flock from all over to ride the Pipeline

Next stop was Laniakea Beach where the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles rest on the shore. This is by no means a destination spot unless you are intrigued by stationary turtles

The lady on the left was more interested in her tan and I couldn’t blame her

The final stop was in the surf capital of the world, Haleiwa – a charming little town!

Life is good

Other highlights of the week involved pre-dinner drinks, walking to dinner and dinner itself

Cute little Italian restaurant, Arancino’s

Happy hour!

Hardest decision of the day

Surprise breakfast for American Fathers’ Day

Tom’s birthday cake (which he would have otherwise missed as he was in the air for it)

Until next time, mahalo!